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Lien Sales is a computer program to process vehicles through the Lien Sale Process. It is a step-by-step procedure that allows vehicles to be in various stages of processing. It supports both pre-printed forms for use in a dot matrix printer and laser printer generated forms. Although it is designed to comply with California liens and Nevada liens, it can be easily adapted to handle most other states as well. 

VIN and Value

This step prints a report of all vehicles that have been in your possession for the number of days you specify. This report is actually a worksheet that helps you to verify VINs and license plates and assign a value to that vehicle. Assigning a value to the vehicle prevents it from being printed on future VIN & VALUE reports. 

Automated DMV Printout Information

Vehicles that have been valued are then eligible for printout requests and Registered Owner information entry. The LS program will generate a report and an optional data file which aids in the requesting of RO, LO and Interested Party information from the DMV. For California, we can electronically process your requests overnight and provide you with a special program to automatically insert the RO, etc. information into your computer. A DMV accepted printout is also created. When the information is inserted, it checks to make sure that the VIN you have matches the VIN DMV has, that the year, make and other information matches and it warns you when it does not. Also, it can be told to automatically insert information you did not know, such as year or plate or VIN.

This program is so smart, that it checks for duplicates and only puts in a name and address if it isn't already there. It will even try to find a ZIP for a Transferee (California DMV doesn't keep a ZIP for them.) New 17 digit VINS are checked for validity.

We are a California DMV approved Information Vendor, so we handle your requests for information ourselves. We do not just refer you to someone else. This enables us to support you better. If you already have a California Commercial Requester Account, we can begin servicing you immediately. If you do not, we can assist you in obtaining this required license. For other states, we allow manual entry of RO, etc. information. 


We currently support California forms for Under $300 (laser only), under $2500 (laser or pre-printed) and over $2500 (laser only, Application to Conduct). Other States' forms can be added. Call and ask for details.

Forms can be printed one at a time, in a batch mode or even for released vehicles. This is useful for those times when the buyer loses their paperwork. We can even re-generate an entire lien sale form package for a vehicle released years ago. However, if all you need is the information about the sale, that is also available with one keystroke.

Ever need just a blank form? Laser customers can create a blank form at any time. Laser users can also tell the program to print all forms for one vehicle at one time. Or you can specify which form to print for all vehicles. The choice is yours. 

Support Paperwork

We also create the additional paperwork that goes into a lien sale. We print a For Sale List, which makes it easier to inform the public which vehicles you have coming up for sale. A special option for the For Sale List allows it to include Under $300 vehicles that you can only sell to a dismantler. This report can be sent to dismantlers who normally purchase from you and it will act as a sales tool.

We print a Postal Certificate for the US Postal Service to stamp. You then make a copy of it and attach it to the vehicle packet. No more filling out lots of little forms or using the Firm Book of Mailing. A variation on that report lists all parties no matter how notified and is useful for in-house record keeping.

Mailing labels are supported. For our laser customers -- no need to handle labels. We print the address directly onto a plain #10 business envelope! 

You Maintain Control

Our LS program will automatically calculate the soonest legal lien clear date. You can adjust it by simply selecting a different mailing date or a different number of days to wait until the sale date. Storage calculations automatically adjust. The system also inserts other required information such as mailing date and executed dates. It is smart enough to detect which boxes to check based on the type of authority under which the vehicle was obtained and whether or not the RO is known. 

Charges Automatically Applied

When a step is performed in the LS program, it automatically applies a charge to the vehicle. You set the charges. Many cities or police agencies prefer that the lien charges be applied in pieces as the work is performed. (In fact, California law now requires that you charge no more than $35.00 until you have the lien papers in hand.) So when you request title, a charge is applied. Another charge goes against the vehicle when the paperwork is processed. A third charge can be applied when the lien clear date is reached. This is a fair approach and one that has been well received. 

Additional Features

In addition to a Registered Owner and a Legal Owner, LS also supports up to four Interested Parties per vehicle.

When you print the lien sale forms, you can enter a USPS Certified Mail Number. This number is then assigned to each vehicle in that batch and prints on the Certification of Lien as a "DMV Bulk Mailing #".

Each RO, LO and Interested Party has a place to record a unique Certified Mailing Number, in the event you choose to send Certified notices to a party.

If you release several vehicles at one time, perhaps due to a lien sale, you can Batch Release them to a common Release To: party. This is a speed feature.

The For Sale List can be printed in LOG # order or by MAKE, with a double space option. This is handy for use during a sale to record bids and the buyer of the vehicle.


Right for You

If you thought that lien sales were too complicated, too risky or just too time consuming, THINK AGAIN. Even if you have never before performed a lien sale, you can. We will train you and guide you through each step. It's as easy as 1 - 2 - 3.

Part of our job is to keep informed of changes to the lien sale laws and procedures. So when changes happen, and they always do, we are ready for it. New or modified laser forms and program changes can be sent to you right over the telephone line.


Agent Version Available

This program is so powerful, it is used by Lien Sale AGENTS to perform lien sales for other companies. If this is an interest of yours, contact us for details.


PROfessional Edition

The main difference between the SU Series and the PROfessional Edition for the Lien Sales program is that the PROfessional Edition is a multi-user version. For example, one user can be running lien sale forms while another is printing a VIN & Value report. The dispatcher may continue to enter calls and vehicles may be entered or released while lien sales are being processed.


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