Datow Features and Benefits


Point and click dispatching:  To track calls, driver status, and geographic Dispatch.

Mapping Software:  Linked to Dispatch, graphic map displays type of calls & status. Easy tow miles calculations for accurate, pre-Dispatch pricing & truck dispatching.

Invoicing/Billing:  Automatically calculate and print invoices and statements; a built-in Accounts Receivable package at no extra charge.

Cash Receipts Control: To make sure all cash, credit cards & calls are accounted for.

Driver Commission Reporting: To calculate driver payroll easily and quickly.

Truck and Driver Productivity Reports: To track driver & truck productivity/efficiency.

Lot Inventory Control:  Search by VIN number, license number, year, make, color, PO, and date towed. Print inventory reports by location or make, to help with selling vehicles.

Sales Analysis Reports:  Group by item and date. Show sales in specific revenue categories. Very useful in monitoring AAA and other motor carrier club towing activity.

Law Enforcement Agency Reporting: To provide HP, police & other sources reports.

Shift Checkout Reports:  Group by driver and determine totals for cash, check, credit card, charge, and ATM payment methods.

Response Time Reports:  How long is it taking to get to each call? Where is the hold up? Shows all times, received, in route, arrived at scene, left scene, and cleared.

Detailed Call (& Yard) Log:  Shows almost everything about the call including where it was towed, who the vehicle was released to, towing sources and more.

Accounts Receivable: Has laser printable customer statements and aging reports. Uses on-screen point & click to apply payments & make changes. Works with any printer installed in Windows.

Alphanumeric Paging/Texting/Email:  Send the complete call request via pager, Text or Email to any driver or truck (depending on your equipment pager, cell phone or smart phone.).



Will work on any version of Windows and also on a MAC with dual boot!!!!

Windows 7 (64 bit) and Windows 8

Graphics:  You are able to store up to 16 pictures per vehicle record. You can Email vehicle pictures to insurance companies, police, etc. with ease.

Security:  Password and user accounts mean more control. You, as the owner, will have full control of who goes where, and what they can and cannot do!!!

  • Decreases liability and increases productivity and efficiency.
  • Custom reporting for the towing industry.
  • Ease of access to all records and reporting.
  • Documentation of pictures shows exact condition of vehicles when they arrive in your yard, lessening legal problems and liabilities in the future.
  • Your shop’s activity can be monitored remotely with Internet access and special software.

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  • Minor Updates to Datow 5

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