Since 1980, Datow Software has offered the Towing Industry's best single entry ease of use software.


  • Dispatching
  • Storage Lot Control
  • Lien Sale Processing
  • Accounting
  • Alpha-Numeric Paging
  • Cell Phone Texting or Email
  • Electronic Club Call Interface

The Single Entry Concept

Our goal is for you to be as efficient as possible. So why spend time and effort re-entering information? With DATOW Software, you enter the call information ONCE. From that moment on, our programs track your work until it is completed. A service call. A release. A lien sale. A charge call. No matter what the outcome, the result is always the same -- full accountability and instant recall. With NO EXTRA TYPING. When the call is completed, so is the paperwork.


Easy to Use


All programs claim to be easy to use. But no program is as easy to use and as powerful as DATOW Software. Our exclusive Yes & No(TM) keys make using our programs a breeze. Smart Help(TM) is always available. Our PickList Help , well, it helps! Even if you don't know what to do, our programs can usually "guess" correctly.

24 hour/7 day telephone support. Well written manuals. Color coding. Built-in Help. All these things make our programs easy to use.


Control At the Top

(Where it Belongs)

DATOW Software gives you multiple levels of access control. This allows you to decide who gets access to each part of each program. Our Intrusion Detection(TM) feature helps you to maintain even tighter control and accountability. You are in control of your system at all times.

Our programs even feature a special "Tattletale" feature that will let you know if anyone has even tried to do something that is not authorized.


SU or PRO-Edition

Towing companies come in different sizes. So does DATOW Software. We have the right sized program for you, no matter how big you are.

The SU-Series is just right for the smaller operation. It is a Single User version of our programs that are popular throughout California (and now available for other states). It's low in cost and big on features. Tried and true, it may be just right for you.

The PROFESSIONAL Edition is designed for the larger towing company. Its' advanced capabilities are a benefit to large companies where multiple dispatchers or multiple release windows are needed.

Let us help you determine which is best for you. You can upgrade as you grow. Preserve your investment in equipment and training. Since our program are modular, you can add capabilities as you need it. Start with just one program and add more later.



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